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Ye’s Poke Ramen Station is a family owned Fort Collins Poke restaurant, and we serve FRESH, HEALTHY, and FAST food. We are not like any other poke shop because we have a variety of food you can choose from. We are meat, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly, so if you don’t like seafood that is ok. We have chicken bowls, ramen bowls, and more. Not only that, we also have fun tasty desserts; boba, crepes, and our specialty, fish-shaped ice cream cone. Ye’s Poke Ramen Station atmosphere is chill and friendly. It is a great place to study, chill with friends, and bring your future tinder dates too. So come in today and join the Ye family.

Poke bowl on brown rice

What is a Poke Bowl?

It is a bowl that you make to your liking. The base you get to choose from is rice or salad.Then you get to choose your protein. After that, you get to choose your topping and voila your unique and tasty bowl is done.

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